December Meeting Goodies .....

The following links are to great sites shared by ITRTs during our December Share Fair. Enjoy!

Rochelle's presentation: and and also
And from Midge, The Microsoft Free Tools Link:
Phyllis' link to Bloome's Taxonomy for Web 2.0 Tools:
Shana's links: and also
And her cool converter software link:
Carol's link to Storybird:
From Marci: Kizoa: and also Zooburst:
Midge's link to Impact Earth:
Here's Gail's link to Letter me Later:
A great science link from Rose:
Brent's link to Spin and Spell:
Here's the link to the iPad and iPod Concert from Dr. Waller:
From Cathy: and also another cool one:
Tracey M's Goodies:
Math In the Movies and also Chicktionary
Tracey C's contribution:
From Dina: Several goodies: 2interactives/art_music.shtml
http://www. The_Music_Interactive_-_ Classroom_Apps.html search?query_search=tag:mimio
Yolanda's link to the cool Test Generator:
And Cindy asked me to pass along this great Math link that one of her Math folks did a great job on:
From the AIM-VA folks --- and www.assistivetechnology.vcu. edu

The following links are to cool gadgets and techie toys we have on our Holiday Wish List:

From Phyllis, the bluetooth Camcorder:
From Brent: Terrafugia:
From Mark, another cool vehicle:
From Cathy: Buck Balls:
From Gail: The new Convertible from Dell:
From Sylvia: Pico Projector: