Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year!

March Meeting

Powerpoint: Tiffany's Achieve 3000 Form:

Document concerning the Wireless:
Resources Flyers:

February Meeting
Elementary Plan for SOL Support:
Middle Plan:
High Plan:

School Tech Plan Committee Form:

January Meeting

You may need to access some of these documents as you do Google Drive training:


Goal Setting Form : this is the form you should use to submit your goal, even if it is still in draft format. Submit digitally please.

Website to access and comment on proposed new C/T SOLs:
Proposed C/T SOLs:

Instructions for retrieving AD password:

Facilitators for the ITRTS Meetings for 2012-13:

October Meeting Info:

Info RE My Digital Life:

Printer Info from CASSANDRA HARRIS:
Netsweeper ByPass Instructions:

August September Info:
A few items you will need for our first week back:

Your Welcome Back Letter:
Your Meeting Dates for this school year:
Your Responsibilities Matrix:
The Facilitators Form:
The Update provided to Principals during Leadership Week:
The 2012-13 School Calendar:
The Cheat Sheet for Access to RPS Anywhere:

Form for City-wide Presentation Information:
Updated ITRT Duties Document:
Updated Online Resources Document: posted on Curriculum Resources website.
A/B Calendar for 2012-13 (for those who need it: