Welcome to the 2010-2011 School Year!

June Meeting:

Summer Classes Flyer:
PD360 Coursework Protocol:

Principals letter regarding Evaluations:

May Meeting:

AD Rollout Schedule - ICTS:
Windows 7 Memo:

May's Meeting notes:
This spring's SOL Testing Assignment Schedule is here:

Link to the RPS Technology Standards Page is here: http://infonet.richmond.k12.va.us/layoutNoSideNav.cfm?mainpage=technologyStandards/techstd.cfm Of you, remember that is is on Infonet so will not work for you at home..... In case you need a copy of Keith Brown's memo for your principals, it is here: .

April Meeting

Flyer from Principals's meeting is here. Just want you to be aware of it.....

March Meeting: Thanks to Jason Nast from SMART for Great Training for most of the day. For those absent, I have attached the brief powerpoint. Those not in attendance need to collect from PG the install disk for Acrobat 10 and Memory for their computer. If you completed TSIPS 2 class, you also have a "reward" for that accomplishment.
Next meeting: Those who failed to contribute on Edmodo should be prepared to present at April Meeting-- a 5-10 minute presentation on something you learned at Ed Tech.

February Meeting: Largely devoted to installs of Memory, Adobe Acrobat, and Window 7 and housekeeping issues. Presented on info from FETC in February. All ITRTs were tasked with joining Edmodo and adding 2 things they learned at EdTech.

January Meeting: Calendar, Ignite Learning, Activity Log, New Documentation form.
Begin to use new online log the week of January 17th. Continue to send an email to your principals each Friday since they have no access to the log.
Activity Report directions: Three fields must be filled in: Start Date Example: 01/17/2011. End Date: 01/21/2011. Location: Use dropdown menu to select your school. So if I am doing a report for my principal at Brown, I will first run a report choosing those dates and choosing Brown. Then I will run a second one using same dates but choose my other school, e.g. Thompson. Each report should then reflect only the activities you did in that school. You could elect to "piece-meal" a report to let your principal know you were at an all-day meeting that was on a day you might have been at Brown. Example: on the 14th, Jeff would have put TTC as his "school" for that day. So when he runs the report, he needs to run one for Brown, one for Thompson and one for TTC if he really wants his principals to know where he was on that day.

December meeting....

Absence Policy - holidays:
Ed Tech 2011 Conference Registration in PDF: | Ed Tech Permission to Attend Form:

This is the COOLEST! Someone was very creative ..... http://www.usi.edu/distance/ bdt.htm

November Meeting Info:

PD360 Accounts are now in order and will be provided individually today. Access the site here: http://www.pd360.com/ Training to be delivered at December meeting.

Atomic Learning licenses are also in order and those who requested licenses should have your information today as well. That site is available here: http://www.atomiclearning.com/k12/home

PIXIE 2 Guidelines: Elementary and Middle Schools only: If you have a full lab (20 machines or more) and 5 teachers in your school take a PIXIE class, then you can ask that it be installed on each lab machine and on a machine in that teacher's classroom. In addition, that teacher can install it on one personal machine and can get 4 re-certification points. No other options are available at this time for licenses (except, of course, that you can ask your principal to buy individual licenses for your classrooms). Classes will be 2 2 hour sessions; teachers will not receive stipends. Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to be a Pixie trainer as the classes cannot be set up until I have a trainer in place. Since we cannot offer a class with only 5 attendees, ITRTs will need to work together to get a group of 2 schools or even 3 schools together in order to "make" the class. Example: 5 from School A, 5 from school B, and 5 from school C = a full class, at which point I will set the class up on RPSU and you will notify teachers to sign up. With 15 or 20 attendees, I can pay 2 ITRTS; with 10, I can only pay one.

TSIPS 2 Coursework: Attendees will receive a $200 stipend and 20 recertification points for roughly 15 hours of online time and 5 hours of face-to-face instruction. First session will be in December with ITRTs as the only attendees -- sign-up will be via RPSU and will be open to all 20 in necessary. Additional sessions for winter, spring, and summer with ITRTs teaching the sessions. More details to follow ASAP by email.

Parent Link training: required of all ITRTs -- either 11/18 or 11/19.
Wanda Parker's Powerpoint discussing Open Office can be found here (in Open Office format):

Thanks to Rochelle for securing for us the Specs for Donated Machines which are provided here:

October Meeting Notes:

Thursday Night Meeting Notes (Thanks, Midge!):
Friday Morning Notes (Thanks, Gail!):
Protocol: Attendance:
Draft of Plans for November 2nd Staff Development:

ITRT Training Calendar:

Please use this sign-in sheet for any training you do where attendees get paid -- we need both their home address and their social in order to get them paid. (Any other trainings -- i.e. those where only YOU get paid, we can just use a generic sign in sheet to show proof of attendance only).

We will be using this page to store documents as needed both during and after our meetings.

Upcoming trainings:

September Meeting:

Goals Template:

New and Temporary Activity Log Template:

: Sample of Flyer for ITRT to share with staff.

Meeting Dates for the 2010-11 School Year: