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Embracing Technology in RPS --- 2009-2010: YES, We Can!

Your Final Week Checklist is a word documented so it can be edited and filled in as needed:

Latest and most Correct SOL Online Testing Schedule:

Latest and most Correct VGLA Scoring Calendar:
The Handout I provided for Assistant Principals at the April Meeting (4/20 and 4/21):

Sing-in Sheet for CMS Cart Training -- use both days! --

Certiport Proctoring Schedule:
Certiport VS. VAAP Schedule:
SOL Proposed Testing Assignments:
Proposed VGLA Scoring Teams 2010:

Form to use as "HOMEWORK" between training one and training two:
Each attendee is expected to do homework and return it during second training. Prizes to 2 best "ideas" at each school. I will supply each of you with the prizes for your schools.

Certificate to use following CMS Cart Training:

Link to the Did You Know video on You Tube -- remember to look for other versions, you may find one you like better but I like this one best:

Flyer I am handing out during March Assistant Principal's Meeting -- FYI:

Well worth your time to read:

CMC Cart 15 minute Powerpoint:
Final version of the letter to your elementary principals regarding the 85 carts and training is HERE:
Note that the back page needs to be returned to me by end of day Monday, the 22nd.

Here is a draft of the letter some of your principals will be receiving today regarding their ARRA purchases of Smartboards, Mimios, etc. I will be CC'ing you when it actually goes out.

Today's PPT -- you may use it to get info on your upcoming training. Elementary folks can actually just pull out that 1 slide to use in your real training that pictures all components. Remember -- all our training SHOULD look the same! ( I will go back ASAP and make sure it pictures the EXACT doc camera, cart, and LCD projector you'll be receiving in your buildings).

Draft of letter to go out to principals regarding the 85 carts and their training:
Remember that this is a draft only and will not go out until I get Vickie's signature on it. Once it goes out, I will CC it to you as well.

Handout for January AP Meetings is here for your convenience and for your information in case in your building ask you anything about it:

From the lady who did so many nice google sessions at at VETC: "I have opened the site up. If you go to a document you do not have access to, th ere is an option to request access. Select that option and I will open up the document for viewing."

Shana's VETC 09 Notes for all who may be interested:

Carol's VETC 09 notes for all who may be interested: docid= 0AWuW0HNjLO1LZGRteGc1OGNfODBkZ DM4cHpndA&hl=en&invite= CJTW4L8G

List of elementary folks who have a Science A-Z License is here:

February Proposed Classes Google doc is linked here:

January 2010 Classes Flyer is here as a pdf so you can print and disperse as needed:
Software Assessment Form: Correction: We are using GoogleDocs instead at this link (Thanks, Terry):

Contact Phyllis Gardner, Instructional Specialist for Technology Resources at

Alternate email addresses: AND

The links to the Smartboard database are below. Use as needed.
Form link: wwaller/rps-initiative/form- perma/Smartboards/

Data View link: wwaller/rps-initiative/view- perma/Smartboard_Data_View

Spring 2010 Course for TSIP Certification: Flyer is here (Thanks, Rochelle) of available courses that would "check off" teachers who need Technology Certification. Share it with ANY staff in your building to whom it applies.

How Effective Are You as an ITRT????:
Info on AP Teachers and Courses:
Info on Virtual Virginia Teachers & Rooms:

Monthly Training Agenda for ITRTs: and letter to principal:

Great Handouts to help with our new Email:

Activity Log for 2009-2010 School year:

FLYER for SMART Board training:

I can't say enough about these 2 cool wikis so if and when you are training about wikis, you will want to share these with others I think:
Cool Tools for Schools
Getting Tricky with Wikis

Check out the Committed Sardine for some great Powerpoints you can use for Warm-ups.

The template for the ITRT Contact Flyer is here for your use and modifications:

Go to this address to subscribe to the ITRT Textmarks:

ITRT Assignments for 2009 - 2010 are here:

ITRT Meeting Dates for 2009-2010:

A good link to use when doing your Internet Safety presentations:

Remember that ITRTS have our own Google Group! If you as a member want to email all the ITRTs and know that they ALL get the message, simply email and that's it! If you are an ITRT, you should have gotten an invitation to JOIN that group; otherwise, you'll NOT be getting that email!

Week One Schedule: