August, 2008:

Click here: questionnaire.doc for our questionnaire to be done and returned to email above.
ITRT Assignments for 2008 - 2009 are listed here: ITRT.assignmts.0809.pdf.
Our Hunting for Treasures document can be found here: treasure.questions.doc.

The ITRT Schedule and Assignments for 2008-09 is detailed here: Weeklys.pdf.

ITRTS now have our own Google Group! If you want to email the ITRTs and know that they ALL get the message, simply and that's it! If you are an ITRT, you should have gotten an invitation to JOIN that group; otherwise, you'll NOT be getting that email!

This is SO worth your time to watch:

Your Weekly Activity Log is available here as needed: activitylog.doc:

September, 2008:
Monday, September 15: Go to this address: to view both the ICTS Help Desk Powerpoint and a Powerpoint with all the logos you created. This will serve to let you see what does and does not work on Slideshare AND give you a chance to view and vote on your favorite logo. You have until Monday, the 22nd to give me your choice for best logo.

gif_modem_mail_543.gifHope our session re-capping email was helpful. Our powerpoint on email can be found here: EmailAtoZ.ppt
Here's the flyer to share with folks with a new email: emailflyer.pdf.
Here's the document that helps with Undisclosed Recipients: emailprivacy.pdf
And, finally, here's a document on general email etiquette : emailtips.pdf. Share these with your staff and co-workers.

Mark's password document is here: and the CORRECTED version of your weekly activity log is here:

Here's a link to Diigo for those who who want to try it out as opposed to or in addition to Delicious.
Jonny told us about a site called KeepVid that allows you to convert video to various formats as needed.
Midge told us about AIM-VA and also provided us the following notes:

Mark told us about Down for Everyone -- a site that helps you figure out if a particular site is really down for everyone or is it just you and your computer!
Check out my favorite new site MakeUseOf-- there's always something new and cool and techy to learn there!And finally, In celebration of the upcoming holiday season, when you have some time to play, check out Its a Wonderful Internet.

Winter, 2008-09:

Christmas Gadget Wish List -- December 18, 2008 Meeting

Rochelle's gadget: Handheld Mobile Projector
Marci's gadget: Album to MP3 Converter
Cindy's gadget: Apple Tribook
Sylvia's Gadget: VHS to DVD
Bridgette's gadget: Kooler Klub
Rochelles info: new Mac netbook
Jonny's gadget: Belkin Rockstar Splitter
Shana's gadget: Dragon Naturally Speaking
Carol's site with multiple gadgets: Gadget Find
Also from this site: Kill a Watt Power Strip
Also from Carol: Neat Receipts
Also from Carol: Floating Wireless Speaker
Mark's site with multiple gadgets: Gadget Reviews
Also from this site: Mark's sickest gadget
Mark's Gadget: Honeycomb Tires
Terry's gadget: Sunbrite TV
Cathy's gadget: Segway
Mark's gadget: Turntable with ipod dock
Phyllis' gadget: Skyscapes
Marci's cool site: Geeky Gadgets
Marci's gadget: Solar Powered MP3 Player
Terry's gadget: Kill a Watt EZ
Phyllis' gadget: The MSI Wind Netbook
Phyllis' gadget: Charging Mat
Phyllis' gadget: Bone conduction earbuds
Midge's gadget: Solar Vest
Midge's gadget: Pocket Projector
Brent's gadget (I think): USB Hub
And finally: Midge and Rochelle mentioned this Pocket Projector

January 13, 2009 Meeting ----
This is the application for Teachers Pet - for Dina's presentation on 1/13/09--
Please utilize this file as we plan for Classes we plan to Offer this Semester: planninglog.classes.doc
Please access this document as needed to share with any teachers in your buildings that may need TSIP Certification: Courses.doc and here is an abbreviated copy of that same info: Courses.abbreviatedinfo.doc Thanks to Rochelle for pulling this info together for us.

January 18, 2009: The following are just SOME of the great sites shared by the four ITRTs who went to the Best of the Web training in November. Thanks to Marci, Rochelle, Sylvia, and Dina for sharing these with us at our meeting last week:
The Hat | BombayTV | Spelling City | Splat Square | NCES Kids Zone Instant Poetry | Hip Pocket Change | EdHeads - Activate Your Mind! | | Woopid | Board Game Maker | Activities for ESL | Bubble Test Form Generator

Feb 17 & 18 -- Powerpoint: What Does an ITRT do? shared with Assistant Principals:

Spring, 2009:

Spreadsheets for Technology Fair -- DRAFT ONLY:
Exhibits: and Breakouts: (3/26/09)
Amended spreadsheets for Tech Fair March 31st: Breakouts: and Presenters:
Surplus Tags sheets (run only on colored paper!): Editable PDF of Surplus Form: AND Surplus Form in Word format:

Latest SOL Testing Schedule for ITRTs:

Summer courses available thru JSR and Tyler that will cover the TSIP Requirements: